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September 21, 2020

I have two boys and a husband who don't enjoy having their picture taken, so I know it can be stressful getting family pictures done.  Here are some tips I've put together to help ease the pain of getting the family ready.

1.  Location

There are so many great locations here in Calgary and in our mountain parks.  I have loads of ideas and suggestions for you, depending on the feel and vibe you want for your pictures.  Of course if there is somewhere that is meaningful to your family or a place you guys love than I am all over that and we should go there.  Location is one of the first things we talk about when you book your photo session.  If you are looking for ideas I will send you locations with pictures via email.

2.  Timing

This is key for the little ones in your group.  What is the best time of day for your kids - in the morning before lunch or maybe after naptime.  I am flexible and want everyone to be in the best mood possible.  So think about what time of day best suits your family.

3.  Feed everyone & bring snacks

It's not fun feeling hangry.  Please make sure everyone is fed before the photo shoot.  Feel free to bring lots of snacks and water.  I don't mind at all taking a snack break to bring back the smiles.  Also I will always have candy for the kids that I usually give out at the end of the session as a trade for smiles or if needed during the session if it's alright with the parents.

4.  What to wear

I know this one stresses out Moms.  My best advice is to coordinate, but not too much.  I also find it works well for Mom to pick out her outfit and then work the rest of the family around it.  Check out this post I wrote on how to coordinate your family and look your best:

5.  Relax & have fun

You've got snacks, no one is hungry, everyone looks great, now let me worry about the rest.  My job is to make you and your family look good and feel comfortable.  Take this time to just have fun as a family and let me capture it.  Don't worry if the kids are crazy, sometimes those candid shots are the favourites. 

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