Troy Portraits | Guy & Guitar

I had the pleasure of doing this session for Troy back in the fall.  He needed some pictures for his new album.  We had a great time out in a field with the deer, the moose and Troy's guitar.

Chris Portraits | Social Media portraits

Chris wanted some new pictures for his online dating and social media profiles.  I had a lot of fun walking around Inglewood with him and making him change his shirt in weird places several times. 🙂

Lindsay Portraits | mini-session

This beautiful girl needed some portraits for work and personal use.  A mini-session did the trick to get her the pictures she needed.  She was a pleasure to photograph.

Jada Portraits | Grad

Did a mini-session for this lovely grad back in June.   She looked stunning in her grad dress and that flowy hair!

Marc Portraits | Calgary musician

Such a pleasure to do a mini-session for Marc, getting some shots for him for his new album.  He was an easy subject with that smile and even the no smile.

Grand Seton Village | Senior's Residence

I had the pleasure of spending the morning at this new senior's residence in Seton.  I met so many lovely residents.  Lois showed me the tub in the spa, Ray showed me the view of South Health campus from his suite and Ellie showed me her crafting.  Grand Seton Village is beautiful and so many things for the residents to take advantage of from the theatre, the spa, the games room, the exercise room and the good food.

Rosario Portraits | Dating Profile Pics

Rosario needed some portraits for his social media and dating sites.  We took a walk around Inglewood with his most adorable dog, Lawrence.  We found some fun walls and cool backgrounds to use and even got some shots of his Tesla at the end of our session.

Joanna | Head Shots

Joanna needed some new head shots for her business and personal use, so I did this mini-session for her in Fish Creek park.  Her boyfriend came along and he was awesome carrying all her clothes and helping me hold up a blanket for a make shift change room in the woods!

Gill | Head Shots

My beautiful friend Gill, who is a fantastic event planner and destination management / travel specialist needed some new head shots so we got a few done for her.

Derek | Portraits

Derek called me up at the end of August to get some new head shots for his social media and business purposes.  He was a natural in front on the camera.

Phoebe | Headshots

Beautiful Phoebe needed some headshots for work, so we did a mini-session and got her some new pictures.

Jian Portraits | Social Media

Jian needed some pictures for his social media and online dating so we did a mini-session and had a great time.  I couldn't resist taking a few head shots for Dharma herself too!

Jack | Grad shoot

Grad shoots are always fun, but this one was extra special because this is my handsome boy!  I can't believe he's graduating this year!  My first born who seemed like just a toddler yesterday is finished high school!!!  We are so darn proud of him!!  It brought me such joy dragging him and his guitar around the city taking these pictures of him.

Online dating profile | Professional pictures for Social Media

Do you want better results on your online dating profile or social media accounts, professional pictures will go along way!  I recently had a client come to me for some professional pictures specifically for his online dating profile.  Here is the email I got from him a week after our shoot:

Hi Paula,
Thanks for your all your help in taking those pictures for my social media accounts.  I certainly get a lot of people checking me out now on eharmony, about 5 or 6 a day. I'm sure the pictures are attracting the attention, simply because I continue to get comments on my smile or how sophisticated the pictures look.  Your taste in posing me really helped.  I've had 50 or 60 women check out my account and I've only be doing this for a little over a week.  Several people have mentioned how the pictures that attracted them to me in the first place.

I am grateful that you selected the right place but also for your judgment on what to wear and how to stand.  This has been a really positive experience for me and helped me to get started after my  divorce.  Rather than some hastily taken selfie I believe your pictures bring out the best in me.

headshot elgin arches

Distinguishing yourself from the masses can be difficult, but great pictures will help set you apart.  Here is an article I found that talks a little more about my point.  You want to make a good impression whether that be for online dating or your other social media accounts.  A mini-session is great for this purpose.  Click here for pricing.  We spend a half hour together and you receive 25-30 images that you can use for all kinds of purposes.  Let me take some great shots of you that show off your personality!

guitar headshotband photossocial media headshotheadshot social mediaband memberheadshotlifestyle pictureportrait shot




Musicians | Crazy cool people!

This was so fun!  These guys are incredible performers and they needed some pictures for promotional materials.  I've had the opportunity to see them in action and was blown away with their energy and talent.  I was thrilled to do some pictures for them to try and capture their 'coolness' and the fun people that they are.