Baby Hazel

This one somehow slipped through the cracks on me.  I photographed this precious girl and her family in January before the world got crazy and totally forgot to post them on my blog.  They were wonderful and what a sweet baby!

Baby Remy | 11 months old

Remy stole my heart during our photo session back in October.  This baby was so adorable and so sweet. 

I don't think he cried once during our session and I couldn't get enough of him!

Baby Quaide | Newborn

This precious little guy made my brother-in-law a Grandpa, which gives me great joy in teasing him about.  Quaide is so sweet and those eyes!!  What a delicious addition to our family.

Baby Anna | Baby Girl

I was so excited to meet baby Anna and do her photo session!  I had just photographed her Auntie's wedding and had the pleasure of capturing her parent's wedding back in 2012.  What a sweet little thing and so great to see her parents again!

Baby Aari | Fuzzy cutie

I loved meeting sweet little Aari just 8 days old.  He was a rockstar during his photo shoot.

Baby John | New Baby

I have had the pleasure of knowing this family for 7 years now.  Through engagement, wedding and now babies!!!  This is adorable baby John they welcomed this past fall.

Baby Levi | Little Sweetness

Eeeks I thought I posted this months ago!  Here is the sweet baby Levi just 9 days old.  I saw this little guy come into the world and what an amazing experience that was!  You can see his PG video here.  Enjoy his newborn pictures below.

Baby Blythe | and Big Sisters

Here is a new little girl for this family.  Sweet little Blythe being loved by her big sisters and parents.

Birth Photography | Baby Levi

I photographed a birth!  A good friend asked me recently if I would photograph the birth of her first grandchild.  I am a little bit squeamish and my own births both resulted in c-sections, so I wasn't sure how I would do.  It was amazing!  Here is baby Levi making his entrance in this short PG video.