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June 19, 2019

We dropped off our rental car in Granada and spent a couple nights in this fascinating city.  Granada's main attraction is the Alhambra.  We booked an Airbnb that had this incredible rooftop balcony with a view to die for.  I sat here during the golden hour on our first night in Granada just watching the light change over the Alhambra.  Our first day in Granada we wandered through the old arab quarter called the Albyzin where we were staying.  We toured the Royal Chapel and the Granada Cathedral before calling it a day.  The next day we spent the entire day inside the Alhambra, the last moorish palace in Europe.  The Alhambra is made up of The Nasrid Palaces, Charles V's Palace, Alcazaba and Generalife Gardens.  It was pretty cool.

A Busker outside the Royal Chapel.

Inside the Granada Cathedral.  It's the second largest in Spain after Seville's.  The baroque organs were beautiful.

Walking back through the winding, narrow lanes of the Albyzin to get to our Airbnb.

Looks pretty great at night too.

We visited the Nasrid Palaces first for our timed reservation.  Wow, it was gorgeous.  The rooms were decorated top to bottom with carved wood ceilings, stalactites, ceramic tiles, molded plaster walls and filigree windows.

The Courtyard of the Myrtles was a show stopper!

Courtyard of the Lions.  Famous for it's fountain with the ring of 12 marble lions from the 14th century.

9000 times "Only Allah is Victorious" is written in the palace.

We grabbed sandwiches at the square in front of Charles V's Palace.  There were feral cats everywhere that seemed to like my son very much.

We spotted our Airbnb.

We walked to the top of the Alcazaba.  This fort is the oldest and most ruined part of the Alhambra.

Inside Charles V's Palace.  Unique circle within a square designed by one of Michelangelo's students.  Perfect acoustics in the center.

The Generalife Gardens.  This was the Sultan's vegetable and fruit orchards, as well as his summer retreat.

This fountain just outside the Justice Gate reminded me of Italy.

At the end of the day we took a stroll through the Moorish souk market.  There is a huge Arab influence and large muslim culture in Granada.

I thought these two looked cool just hanging in the streets.  Next post is Barcelona!


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