“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the bottom of our hearts for the our amazing wedding photographs!! Of all the wedding related decisions we had to make during the entire planning process, choosing you was hands down the easiest! You are so amazingly talented! Your work is incredible and speaks for itself. On top of it all, you are sooo much fun to work with! Thank you for everything you have done for us and for making our special day so memorable! We love you. xoxo”

Misa & James Lannard

Limelight Wedding Client
“Paula has done three family photo shoots for us and each has been a complete success. That’s difficult when two of them included our boisterous dog and all of them had very young children and babies involved.  There is never pressure or impatience on Paula’s part, she makes the best of every situation.   

She’s a professional that makes the experience personal. I recommend Limelight Photography for everyone for any photography need.”
Yackemic Testimonial

Paige & Trent Yackimec

Limelight Family Client
“Paula is a dream come true!!! We interviewed 5 different photographers for our wedding and she blew us away! She was so organized the day of our wedding and didn’t miss a single shot! She had everything planned out and the locations pre-scoped out so we didn’t waste any time. Our families and wedding parties had nothing but positive things to say about her and her assistant! I still can’t pick a favorite photo out of the 500+ she took. Thank you again Paula for all your hard work! xoxo”
Sali Testimonial

Carter & Lindsay Sali

Limelight Wedding Client
“Paula, thank you for being part of our special day and thank you for the outstanding job you did of capturing it. Our pictures are absolutely amazing!  We also love the creative poses.  Our pictures are definitely different than most other wedding pictures. We initially received a lot of compliments about the pictures and we are still getting positive feedback. 

You treated us as if we were the most special couple. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Tenielle and Don Bachek

Limelight Wedding Client
“Paula, we can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did at the wedding!  We love every single one of them. 

We honestly feel so blessed to have met you and are thrilled with all the memories you have created for us to enjoy forever!"
Krueger Testimonial

Darrin & Kelsey Krueger

Limelight Wedding Client
“Paula, I just wanted to write you to tell you how much we truly LOVE the photos you took of our family and our 3 and ? month old baby, Logan. Our little boy is growing and changing so fast, but you managed to really capture all of his expressions, and laughter in such artistic shots. It was almost impossible to pick out a favorite from the many different shots you took. You are a very talented photographer, we had a lot of fun working with you and this is reflected in the beautiful photos of Logan that we will treasure forever. Thank you again.”
Federoshyn Testimonial

Darlene Fedoroshyn

Limelight Baby Client
“Excellent to work with!! We LOVED Paula! We used Paula back in 2010 when my husband and I eloped, and she was a dream come true. Very helpful, answered all our questions, great price and made the both of us feel very comfortable on our wedding day. 

Everyone was so impressed with our photographs that my in laws even booked her for some graduation shoots and traveled 2 hours to see her!”

Taygen & Lori Roberge

Limelight Wedding Client
“Paula is an absolutely AMAZING photographer and I can not thank her enough for being able to so beautifully capture our wedding day. She is not only talented but also a really fun person to be around! By the time our wedding day came, Paula truly felt like our friend. 

I recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a fabulous photographer! Thank you Paula for everything! We’ll be seeing you again when it’s time for babies!”
Gorgas Testimonial

Jason & Jenna Gorgas

Limelight Wedding Client
“We had a great time on Saturday. My mom and sister were very comfortable with you and enjoyed the morning. You did awesome – what a perfect day. I’ve had a look at the pics and they are beautiful! You do have an wonderful eye! 

Thank you for your eagerness and humor – it sure does make taking that many pictures together so pleasurable and fun. The pictures are so good it’s hard to pick which one I would like printed.”
Sivell Testimonial

Sharon Sivell

Limelight Family Client


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