Cruise Vacation 2 | Personal

May 1, 2013

More vacation pictures!  Here are our next two stops - Jamaica and Grand Cayman!  We loved them both.  The cruise line offers a wide variety of shore excursions you can do in each port.  We really enjoyed picking out our excursions and trying fun and new things at each island.  Our guide in Jamaica told us all about the island on our drive to Ocho Rios.  She talked about the common perceptions people have of the island including smoking pot.  After a full day in Jamaica I said to my husband that I didn't see anyone smoking and I wasn't approached about it all.  Cory just laughed at me and said he had guys come up to him on 6 different occasions asking if he was interested in making a purchase.  I guess I just don't have the pot smoking look!

The morning ritual of sunscreen that Luke did not enjoy.

We climbed Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica.  It was busy, but a really fun experience.

After climbing in the falls we took the bus to the White River and had a fun time tubing down the river.

We ended up in paradise for lunch.

Dressed up for dinner that night.

The next day we were in Grand Cayman.  We tendered to the island and here are some shots I took of our ship from the water.

We went out to Stingray City!!  This was incredibly cool.  We were out in the middle of the ocean on a sandbar surrounded by wild stingrays!  Our guides told us that for 70 years the stingrays have been coming to this spot when they hear the boats arriving.  And who knew that a Stingray can live up to 60 years old!

We got to hold, feed and kiss the stingray!

After our encounter with the stingrays we relaxed for the afternoon at 7 mile beach.  Heavenly.

This guy was entertaining to watch.

Did I mention that I love the ocean!

Our second formal night for dinner.

Cory wore a tie, but I couldn't get him in a jacket again!

My handsome boys!

Watching the sunset from our dinner table.

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