Mighty Five Vacation | Captiol Reef / Bryce Canyon

May 29, 2015

Alright we are halfway through the vacation now.  We've hit 2 of the Mighty Five National Parks and this blog post will show you two more.  After our stay in Moab we took off for Capitol Reef Park.  We stayed the night in nearby Torrey and then took the Scenic Route 12 to Bryce Canyon.  We did a couple of hikes in Capitol Reef and really liked the park.  In Capitol Reef I really wanted to go through some more slot canyons.  We went off the beaten path to Headquarters Canyon. It was a bit of  a trek, but what a beautiful drive down the Burr Trail to find it.

Along scenic route 12 there was another slot canyon (because now I am obsessed with them) I heard about called Peek-A-Boo.  It was a ridiculous washboard road out there with no signage.  We thought we could quickly find it and do lunch afterwards.  Well hours later we are still lost with smarties and water as our only provisions.  The thought crossed our mind that if we ran out of gas or broke down we could die out here - it felt really remote and not a soul around.  Finally at the end of the day we stumbled upon it.  We quickly scurried down and saw what we could before it got dark.  We finally hit civilization again at 10:00 pm - my youngest said that he was so hungry that if he could throw up he would eat it.  Gross I know!


Getting close to Headquarters slot canyon. The twisty road ahead of us.



In Headquarters



After being lost for quite some time we finally found the trailhead to Peek-a-Boo canyon just at sunset. We quickly scurried down.


A big cairn showing us the way.


This slot canyon was a 20 foot scramble to get up into it. We didn't get too far in because we didn't want to be out there in the dark. So we looked around, took some pics and got out.



Cory helping me get down which was way worse then getting up. My son had the camera and thought it was pretty funny taking pictures of us.




A new day at the beautiful Bryce Canyon.


I am all good with sunsets, but am not much of a morning person. I did it though and got up for the sunrise here at Bryce Point and it was spectacular!



We hiked down into the amphitheater for the afternoon.





Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge


Next day did a horseback ride which was super fun.


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