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March 29, 2018

Yikes, I am way over due posting this, but here is our family road trip to Yellowstone National Park last summer!  I had always heard about Yellowstone, but didn't realize how close it really is.  We stopped off at our friend's acreage to drop off the dog and we hit the road.  After an overnight stay in Great Falls we arrived at the North Entrance of Yellowstone and drove through the beautiful Roosevelt Arch.  Yellowstone is divided into "countries" and we hit Mammoth country first.  That afternoon we walked the boardwalks and took in the stunning hot spring terraces that are constantly changing due to the travertine that builds up.  We spent a night here and then carried on to Norris Basin and Canyon Country the next day.  Watch for a couple more posts on this trip.

Walking past Liberty Cap, that of course my boys made fun of.

Then we checked out the upper terraces and it's scalding water.

Canary Spring 

Sheepeater Cliffs was a stop we made on our way to Norris to have a picnic lunch.  Crazy place with 500,000 year old hexagonal basalt columns stacked like building blocks.

After staying a night in Mammoth, we set out the next day for Norris Basin on our way to Canyon Country.  This basin was large and had a lot of amazing thermal features.

It was hot!

Our first mudpot.  It was roaring and bubbling.

Steamboat Geyser making some noise, but doesn't erupt often and is very unpredictable.


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